Useful documentation for parents and carers of pupils on The Brilliant Tutoring Programme

About The Brilliant Tutoring Programme

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme is a new scheme supporting state school students after the disruptions of Covid-19. 

As a partner of the government’s National Tutoring Programme scheme, we offer expert tuition in English, Maths, and the Sciences, led by PhD researchers specialising in each of the core subjects. 

Through guidance and tutoring from a passionate doctoral or post-doctoral tutor, the programme aims to:  

  • Support pupils to fulfil their academic potential 
  • Encourage pupils to reengage with core subjects 
  • Develop pupils’ deeper learning skills, such as self-efficacy  
  • Give pupils an experience of post-secondary learning 

Need to get in touch?  

If you have any questions or your pupils needs any support on the programme, your schools should be able to help out. Or, you can get in touch with us directly at  

Our child is really enjoying his sessions and finding them super helpful. I am so very grateful that he has had this amazing opportunity in a subject he loves.

Useful information for Parents and Carers

Parent Welcome Letter


Who is eligible for the Brilliant Tutoring Programme?

Teachers choose the pupils who they think will benefit most from the programme. For example, those who are most at risk of not meeting their potential due to the impact of school closures.  

We also require that 55% of pupils from any school are from backgrounds that are underrepresented at university. For example, pupils that receive pupil premium funding or whose parents did not attend university in the UK. 

Will the Brilliant Tutoring Programme be delivered online?

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme will be delivered virtually and the tutorials will take place on either Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms. This will have been pre-arranged by the school before your child begins the programme 

What is Scholars VLE and how does my child access it?

Scholars is a virtual learning environment (VLE) designed to emulate university-style learning by allowing PhD Tutors and pupils to interact outside of tutorials. Through Scholars, pupils can message their tutor, submit homework and assignments. Tutors also use the platform to complete, share feedback and grade pupil work.  

Your child will be instructed on how to sign up and use the VLE by their school and we recommend of making a record of your child’s username and password. There is further guidance on the website that will explain how to create a pupil account.  

For safeguarding purposes, all messages are reviewed and moderated on the VLE by The Brilliant Club.  

Scholars VLE homepage 

When do tutorials take place? How many classes can my child expect?

  • Pupils will receive 15 hours of tutoring which usually takes place one hour per week.  
  • Within each tutorial there is 1 tutor and 3 pupils.  
  • The day and time of each tutorial will be decided by the school and the designated tutor for the course.  

I have seen students elated after a lesson. The praise and confidence building that some tutors have offered has been excellent. Many students enjoy the tutorials and I am sure that many would like them to continue.