Below you can find an index of useful resources and websites on a variety of topics to further support you in applying to, and preparing for, university.

Researching Universities and Courses

The Uni Guide

This is a great resource for considering all the different universities and courses that are available to you in the UK. You can search and organise the results to create a shortlist of your options. The website includes detailed information on entry requirements, prospectus and open day links, league table rankings and statistics for lots of universities and degrees. It also has a helpful guide on potential careers and future paths that certain degrees can lead to!

Complete University Guide

This is a fantastic handbook to help guide and give you advice on all they key stages of getting to university: choosing what to study, where to study, applying for university, financing your studies, how to decide on your firm and insurance choices, options on results day. It also then has lots of help and support on how to prepare to be a university student, what to expect from student life after you start university, as well as career paths and the future once you finish your degree.

Discover Uni

This website has a useful tool to help you directly compare different university courses. It includes official statistics and league table rankings, but also student satisfaction scores, and post-graduation employment data.

The Guardian’s University League Table

The go to resource for checking and comparing university rankings in the UK. It can also be sorted to be subject specific.

UCAS Open Day Finder

A helpful tool for you to find out about all the university open days taking place in the UK, both virtually and in person. It can also be filtered to show universities from a set distance from your home address.

Questions to ask at University Open Days: The Uni Guide

The Uni Guide also has some information about how to get the most out of university open days. This includes a checklist of all the different questions you might want to ask about the specific courses you are interested in. These checklists are organised and tailored into questions for different subject areas.

Making Life Decisions: The Way Up!

Funded by the Department of Education, this is a fun and engaging app that uses real-world data to gamify life decisions including A-levels, apprenticeships, and university course choices. Based on these decisions, the fame stimulates occupations and shows potential futures and long term impacts of education and career choices.


Applying for University


UCAS is a great resource for helping you find out more about different universities and higher education colleges and the variety of different courses and degrees they offer. It is through UCAS that you will apply for universities or higher education colleges, track your offers, confirm your firm and insurance choices as well as receive your final offer. It can also be used after a-level results day for adjustment and clearing. UCAS has lots of great information and resources about all the different steps involved when applying for university.

Key Application Dates: UCAS

A helpful tracker that explains all the key dates in the university application cycle.

Personal Statement Builder: The Student Room

This is a useful resource to support you when it comes to writing your personal statement, which is an important part of your UCAS application. This tool can help guide you through the process of planning and prioritising what to include in your personal statement, the structure of it, as well as highlighting some things to avoid.

The Student Room generally is a good forum for connecting with other students ahead of, and once you get to, university.

Writing Your Personal Statement: Complete University Guide

Short guide full of top tips on how to approach and write your personal statement. It includes advice on content, structure, and what to avoid.

How to Prepare for University Interviews: The Uni Guide

A detailed look at what to expect from a university interview. It includes top tips on how to prepare and succeed, questions you might expect, questions you could ask, interview techniques and how to present yourself. It includes guidance videos as well as links to advice from students on more specific subject based interviews.

What to Expect at a University Interview: Complete University Guide

Another great breakdown of which university courses you might expect to be interviewed for, how to prepare for them, and details of some of the different kinds of university interviews that exist.

They also have a link on what to expect, and how to prepare, for a virtual university interview.

University Interview Top Tips: Prospects

Another helpful guide on what to expect from university interviews. This includes some great examples of questions you could be asked, as well as what you could ask interviewers.


Student Finance and Funding

Student Finance

This will be the website that you use to check your eligibility for student finance, apply to the UK government for your tuition fees loan, as well as a maintenance loan, if you wish. The website has lots of information regarding all the stages of student finance, from how much your loan might be and how to apply, to updates you might make during your degree as well as repaying your loan after graduation.

The Scholarship Hub

A comprehensive list of scholarships for UK students available all in one place. Included in its database is funds offered by universities themselves, companies, charities, trusts and other organisations, as well as information on sponsored degrees and degree apprenticeships.

Which? Money Guide: University Edition

This is a fantastic resource as it has lots of information to help you with student finance, understanding tuition fees and explaining how loan repayments work, information of further financial support as well as bursaries.

There is also a very handy student budget calculator to help you try and work out how much you will roughly need to live at your chosen university. It can help you account for rent/accommodation costs, food, travel and social spending!

Student Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships: Save the Students

A great resource that discusses the different types of student finance and funding that is available. It includes details on accessing hardship funds, special support grants, disabled student’s allowances and NHS and teaching bursaries.


Preparing for University

Bright Knowledge

A useful bank of articles to help support with all aspects of preparing for university.

This includes some great advice on health and well-being and how to look after your physical, emotional, and mental health whilst you are at university. It also includes essential guides on independent living, finance and housing, as well as how to plan for your career and future.

Finances and Budgeting: Save the Student

A great guide to help explain why you need to budget at university, how to calculate and keep track of your budget and spending, as well as top tip to make your money go further.

Student Budget Planner: Money Saving Expert

Another guide on how to work out your weekly budget, different apps and methods to keep track of your finances, as well as tips on how to save where you can.

The Student Food Project

If you are thinking about moving away for university, a great thing to do to help prepare you for this transition is learning to cook! This website has lots of student and budget friendly recipes to try.

Student Cooking and Food Mistakes to Avoid: The Uni Guide

Some useful tips o know in advance to help prepare you for budgeting for weekly food shops, how to make your money and food go further, and mistakes to avoid when it comes to shopping and cooking.

Things to Know Before you Go to University: The Uni Guide

Another great article from The Uni Guide on how you can prepare for University. It includes tips and tricks such as learning how to do your own washing (if you don’t already!), how to physically and mentally prepare for the move, choosing accommodation, sorting out your health and medical supplies, registering with doctors and dentists.

Applying for and Living in University Halls: The Uni Guide

This article includes top tips from students about how to choose the right university accommodation for you, whether this be in private rental accommodation or university owned halls of residence and how to apply.

What to take to University Checklist: The Student Room

A guide to help you decide what to take to university. It points out items you might need to think about buying in advance, and all the things you might forget or overlook taking with you. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of everything you must take, but items and ideas to consider.


Study Abroad

Study Abroad and Exchange Blog (soton.ac.uk)

This is the Study Abroad and Exchange Blog for the University of Southampton, written entirely by students and dedicated to sharing students’ experiences of their studies overseas.  Take a look to find out more about: why undergraduate students choose to spend part of their degree overseas; what the study abroad/study exchange experience is like day-to-day; and what current undergraduates are getting out of their time abroad!

Study Abroad & Exchange Podcast: China Summer School in Study Abroad & Exchange Podcast (soundcloud.com)

Listen to find out what University of Southampton students have to say about their experiences studying or working abroad for a semester, full year or summer school in this award-winning Surge Radio and University of Southampton collaborative podcast. Students give advice about living abroad, country-specific information, and their favourite memories of their time spent overseas.  In collaboration with the Study Abroad and Exchange team and the Surge Radio Factual and Culture team. Won Best Feature at Surge Radio Awards 2019 and Highly Commended Nomination at the I Love Student Radio Awards 2019.

For further information, you can contact the Study Abroad team at the University of Southampton on erasmus@soton.ac.uk, and follow their students’ experiences overseas on Instagram @sotonabroad.