Useful information for parents and carers of pupils enrolled on The Scholars Programme

Information about The Scholars Programme for Parents and Carers

The Scholars Programme is an academic programme run by The Brilliant Club. It is designed to help students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to progress to the most competitive universities. We train our PhD tutors to deliver The Scholars Programme in our partner schools across the UK. They share their subject knowledge and passion for learning with small groups of students aged 9-18.

If your child has been selected to take part in The Scholars Programme, their teachers have identified them as having the potential to make a successful application to one of the UK’s most competitive universities in the future. Although university may not be for everyone, The Scholars Programme aims to give children an experience of university learning to help them make an informed decision.

As part of The Scholars Programme, students will:

  • Study with a PhD tutor, in small groups, to experience university-style learning
  • Research a subject outside of the usual school curriculum, learning an exciting new topic whilst developing valuable academic skills such as essay writing and critical thinking
  • Complete a challenging final assignment, which will be marked using a university-style mark scheme
  • Learn more about university life by engaging directly with universities at the Launch and Graduation Event

Parent and carer events

We hold two online information events for parents and carers of pupils participating in The Scholars Programme: a Launch Event at the start of the programme, and a Next Steps event towards the end.

Your child’s school will be able to provide you with further information about these events, including the date and time.

We encourage you to attend these events to find out more about what your child will experience on The Scholars Programme and how you can best support them, as well as further information about university from our partner universities.

How can I ensure my child gets the most from The Scholars Programme?

We would encourage you to speak with your child about what they are learning and how they are finding the experience, and to remind them about completing their assignments.

There are many ways students can access support & guidance during their time on the Programme:

  1. All students are all given a course handbook which outlines key details such as homework and assignments, the mark scheme and tutorial activities.
  2. All students are set up with a Hub (virtual learning environment) account where they can access support from their tutor
  3. Thearea of our website contains guidance documents and videos explaining different parts of the programme, as well as how to use the Hub.

If you have any questions, or your student needs any support on the programme, please speak with your child’s school or get in touch with us directly at

Useful information for Parents and Carers

If your child is completing a Scholars Programme Placement this academic year, please fill out the parent/carer data form below:

The Scholars Programme Parent/Carer Data Form for Spring term 2023-24 pupils

The Scholars Programme Parent/Carer Data Form for Autumn term 2023-24 pupils 

The Scholars Programme Parent/Carer Data Form for Summer term 2023-24 pupils

Please note: This is not an expression of interest in our programmes. If you would like to know more about The Scholars Programme or our wider work please sign up to our newsletter or speak to your child’s school.

If you are unsure as to which term your pupil is taking part in, please contact your school’s Lead Teacher.

Got a question? Perhaps our Frequently Asked Questions will help.

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