a Tutor

Are you studying for, or do you have a PhD? There are two ways in which you can get involved with The Brilliant Club.

Teaching pupils aged 8-18

The Scholars Programme recruits, trains and places PhD researchers and graduates in state schools in England and Wales, to deliver academically rigorous programmes often linked their own research.

As a Scholars Programme tutor you will:

  • Receive expert training to develop and hone your pedagogical skills
  • Communicate your research to a non-specialist audience
  • Gain sustained teaching experience
  • Join a nationwide community of over 1,000 like-minded researchers making a huge impact on university access
  • Earn from £605 per placement, plus an additional £161 for designing a new course, and travel expenses
  • Boost your CV and receive support to communicate your skills in future job applications
  • Support and inspire young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access university

To find out more about the tutor application process, visit The Scholars Programme page.

Supporting undergraduate students

We are moving into year three of our Join the Dots programme that supports less advantaged students during the transition to university.

Coaches working with us will:

  • Support a group of eight undergraduates to develop study strategies and their sense of belonging during their first term at university through group sessions, 1:1 sessions and meetings
  • Get expert training and real experience to develop their coaching and other transferable skills

In 2024/25 we are partnering with The University of Bristol; Durham University; University of Essex; Goldsmith’s, University of London; King’s College London; University of Kent; and Liverpool John Moores University. More university partners will be announced in due course.

If you are based at any of these institutions and would like to get involved as a PhD coach, you can find out more about the role and how to apply via the button below.