Our training programme is delivered by qualified teachers and experienced PhD researchers.

Brilliant Tutoring Programme Training

We offer our BTP tutors training specific to the age group they will be working with. Our BTP tutors are supported to deliver engaging and dynamic tutorials through training and personal feedback.  Training is currently completed online where tutors are introduced to the pillars of pedagogy including:

  • Planning
  • Questioning
  • Assessment
  • Aspects of classroom management
  • Codes of professional conduct

Tutors are also trained and inducted in delivering tutorials virtually, ensuring they are comfortable and confident in managing the logistics of online learning.

Tutorial Observation

As part of the comprehensive BTP training programme, a member of The Brilliant Club Staff will observe one of the tutorials which the BTP Tutor delivers. This is an opportunity to ensure that the tutor has understood how to adapt their pedagogy learning into practice. Tutors will also be able to identify an area they would like to develop in advance and receive targeted feedback. Our tutorial observations are designed to ensure that tutors feel comfortable to deliver the rest of the tutorials for their placement.