Tutor FAQs

If you have a question about becoming a Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor, the answer may be below.


How long will it take to complete the application form?

The application form should take no more than 1 hour to complete. We do ask that you explain, in as much detail as you can, your motivation for working as a Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor and what experience and skills you will bring to the role.

What's the deadline for applying?

We welcome applications for tutoring in 22-23 and will be running Assessment Centres from 20th April 2022 onwards. Our next application deadline is Sunday 18th December, for Summer placements.

What happens at Assessment Centre?

At Assessment Centre, you will be asked to do three things:

  1. Teach an 8-minute mini tutorial
  2. Write a self-evaluation to reflect upon your tutorial
  3. A short interview (15-20 minutes)

    If you are invited to Assessment Centre, we will send you detailed guidance to help you to prepare.

    Can I work for you if I am not a UK citizen?

    Yes, as long as you have Right to Work in the UK. You will have to bring the relevant documentation, in the form of physical documents, to prove this to your assessment centre.

    Do you sponsor visas?

    No, we cannot sponsor visas.

    Does this count towards my Tier 4 visa limit for working hours?

    A placement with us does count as paid work; you should check the government policy guidance to ensure you understand the limit for your specific situation.

    What’s the time commitment/pay/how many hours is a placement?

    The Brilliant Club pays Brilliant Tutoring Programme Tutors a stipend for each placement completed at the following rates:

    Brilliant Tutoring Programme Tutors – subject to confirmation
    Stipend per placement London*£625
    Stipend per placement outside London£550

    Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor stipends to be confirmed upon confirmation of 2021-22 arrangements.


    The Brilliant Club pays Scholars Programme Tutors a stipend for each placement completed at the following rates:

    The Scholars Programme Tutors
    Stipend per placement – London*£530
    Stipend per placement – non London£500
    Tutor stipend top up for designing a new course handbook – London*£140
    Tutor stipend top up for designing a new course handbook – Non London£100

    *London pay based on tutor home postcode, not location of placement.

    The total number of hours you work on each placement may vary, and it is up to you to manage your time. As a guide, you should expect to work between 40 and 55 hours over the course of a placement, which will usually run over a term. You may need to work slightly more hours if it is your first placement delivering a self-designed course. Under no circumstances do we expect you to spend more than 60 hours working on any single placement.

    What if I’m not available to work straight away?

    That’s fine. If you are successful at assessment centre, we will send you a termly availability form to check whether you would like to work that term.

    What if I haven’t been educated in the UK?

    We welcome applications from researchers of all nationalities, and believe it is a real strength of our programme that school pupils are working with tutors from all over the world. We run training sessions about the UK education system as part of our training weekends, for any tutors who feel this will better equip them to work with British pupils.


    Do I need to complete the training programme if I have already completed a placement?

    If you return to work with us on subsequent placements, you must complete the Continuous Professional Development sessions.

    How will I be supported after my training programme is complete?

    Every Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor is assigned a Programme Officer who will support you to deliver your placement. Tutors also receive pre-designed presentations for each tutorial, as well as guidance documents which contain all the information you need and helpful tips for delivering your placement.

    Brilliant Tutoring Programme Placement

    Do tutors curate the content they teach to pupils?

    No, tutors are facilitated with resources and content created by curriculum experts. Tutors familiarize themselves with the course before delivering their placement.

    Can I return to do more placements in a different term/year?

    Yes, many of our PhD tutors run multiple placements in one term or return to work with us each term or year.

    What happens if I have field work in the middle of a placement?

    You will need to ensure you can commit to a full placement before you agree to work in any given term. Once we have agreed dates with you and the school, these cannot be amended as the school will have made arrangements for the programme to run within this time frame.

    How much will I be paid?

    Tutors are paid £550 per Brilliant Tutoring Programme placement (30 hours of teaching), plus £75 London weighting.

    Still have a question? Please get in touch with us by contacting: apply@thebrilliantclub.org