The National

The Brilliant Club is an approved Tuition Partner of the National Tutoring Programme. Our Brilliant Tutoring Programme is designed to support the national catch-up effort for secondary pupils.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a government-funded, sector-led initiative developed to support schools in addressing the impact of Covid-19 on pupils’ learning.

The programme is part of the government’s Covid Catch Up Plan and aims to address the disproportionate effects of the pandemic by targeting pupils’ whose learning has been most affected by the outbreak in England.

How does the National Tutoring Programme work?

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the National Tutoring Programme offers two pillars to state-maintained primary and secondary schools. These two pillars consist of:

  • Tuition Partners: Schools in England can access heavily subsidised tuition from an approved list of tuition partners. These partners have all been subject to quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards. The tuition partners have also been given support and funding to reach as many disadvantaged pupils as possible.
  • Academic Mentors: Trained academic mentors can be employed in-house for schools in the most disadvantaged areas. These mentors will provide intensive catch-up support to pupils.

How is The Brilliant Club participating in the National Tutoring Programme? 

Since November 2020, The Brilliant Club has been an approved Tuition Partner for the National Tutoring Programme. Designed to be delivered in school or online, our Brilliant Tutoring Programme offers tuition in the core curriculum subjects. Secondary schools across England can access our programme which the NTP has subsidised by 75%.

Tuition is offered in small, intensive groups of three, led by a trained tutor with PhD subject level knowledge. Our fifteen-week, structured courses in Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics have been designed with the express purpose of re-engaging pupils’ confidence and fulfilling our purpose to help close the wider attainment gap.

Where can I find out more information?

You can also get in touch with us by contacting: hello@thebrilliantclub.org