Through our Brilliant Tutoring Programme we deliver core subject tutoring to pupils across the UK through our trained PhD and Master's student tutors.

What does the Brilliant Tutoring Programme offer for schools?

The Brilliant Club supports state schools who have faced disruption from Covid-19 related measures. The Brilliant Tutoring Programme works in tandem with schools to provide extra support for students in core curriculum subjects. 

  • Our programme works with Lead Teachers to select three modules out of a module list to tailor the course to pupils needs. 
  • We offer intensive tutorials and heightened support for pupils in small groups of four pupils to one tutor. 
  • We measure progress using formative assessments throughout the programme and an assessment completed at the end of the programme.

How does the Brilliant Tutoring Programme support pupils?

We support pupils’ progress by utilising the subject expertise and passion of post-graduate researchers and Master’s students. Our Brilliant Tutoring Programme extensively trains tutors to develop their pedagogy and teaching practices so that pupils benefit from and are inspired by their tutorials. Courses and materials are provided so pupils have a structured learning environment: 

  • Each pupil receives a handbook that contains all the material they need for their tutoring sessions.  
  • At the end of the programme, pupils receive one-to-one feedback from their tutor to support their future progress.