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Schools FAQs: The Brilliant Tutoring Programme

Can pupils access the Brilliant Tutoring Programme from home?

Yes, The Brilliant Tutoring Programme is designed to be run online. For tutorials running from home, we recommend a parent/carer is present to ensure safeguarding needs are met.

When do pupils access their tutorials?

Typically, tutorials will take place before or after school to avoid further lesson disruption, however, we are happy to facilitate tutorials within the school day if required.

How do the tutorials work?

In their first session, pupils meet their tutor, take part in some ice breaker activities and complete their first Knowledge Check – a short formative assessment so tutors and schools can see pupil progress. 

For tutorials 2-13, the pupils are taught by their tutors. Tutorials last one hour and tutors will cover approximately three modules. Further Knowledge Checks happen at the beginning and end of each module. 

The penultimate session is for re-capping or revising topics. 

For the final tutorial, tutors provide pupils with feedback and suggest areas for future progress. 

Are there in-person options for the Brilliant Tutoring Programme?

Tutorials are mainly delivered online with limited hybrid delivery (up to 3 tutorials in person) available in limited geographic locations.

Brilliant Tutoring Programme Tutors

How are tutors recruited?

The Brilliant Club mobilises the Masters and PhD community to select subject experts who can share their knowledge through tuition. Our recruitment process consists of three main stages: 1) application form, 2) assessment centre and 3) pre-employment checks. We assess all candidates against the skills and values that we believe are crucial to the delivery of excellent tutorials, and cross reference this against relevant guidelines from OFSTED (schools). All tutors are subject to a DBS check, Right to Work check and TRA check.

How are tutors trained?

Every tutor is required to attend training before they are allocated to teach. Tutors are trained in pedagogy practices to deliver high-quality and age-appropriate tutorials.

Are tutors paid?

Yes, tutors are paid for the work that they do. As such, we expect them to always act as professionals, both in terms of adhering to appropriate codes of conduct and maintaining a sense of professional pride in the work that they do.

The Brilliant Club

Is the Brilliant Club a registered charity?

The Brilliant Club is a registered charity in England and Wales (charity number 1147771) and Scotland (SC048774).

How is The Brilliant Club funded?

The Brilliant Club is a non-profit organisation and has a range of funding streams. Schools and universities both contribute to the cost of delivering a programme, which is further subsidised by contributions from grant-making organisations.

Does The Brilliant Club have public liability insurance?

Yes. The Brilliant Club has public liability insurance (to the value of £10,000,000) for Brilliant Club employees and tutors.

Does The Brilliant Club have a child protection policy?

Yes. The Brilliant Club has child protection and data protection policies. If you would like to see these, please get in touch or ask your Programme Officer for a copy.

Does The Brilliant Club have a GDPR statement and Data Protection Policy?

Yes. The Brilliant Club has a GDPR statement and data protection policy and has processes in place to comply with GDPR rules. If you would like to see these, please get in touch  or ask your Programme Officer for a copy.