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Catch-Up Premium and the NTP

05 Nov 2020

Coronavirus Catch-up Premium and the National Tutoring Programme: What’s it all about?

The Government says it’s spending a billion pounds to help pupils in England whose learning has been disrupted by the pandemic catch up. But what does that mean for schools?

First, there’s the National Tutoring Programme. On 2 November, the Education Endowment Foundation published a list of ‘tuition partners’ – organizations that provide high-quality small-group tuition to help pupils aged 5-16 catch up in key subjects. Schools will be able to access this tuition at a 75% discount to support the pupils they think need it most.

The Brilliant Club is one of these tuition partners and has launched the new Brilliant Tutoring Programme. Our trained PhD tutors will deliver curricular tutoring in core subjects to groups of three pupils at a time.

As part of the National Tutoring Programme some schools will also be offered full-time ‘academic mentors’, and this part of the scheme is being managed by Teach First.

Next, the Government has also announced a Coronavirus Catch-up Premium. Mainstream primary and secondary schools are expected to receive £80 per pupil over the course of the year for activities that help pupils to catch up for lost teaching.

The Education Endowment Foundation has published guidance on good ways for schools to spend this money. Small-group catch-up tuition, like the Brilliant Tutoring Programme, is singled out as an effective approach. And schools can make their catch-up premium funds go further by spending on tutoring which is subsidised through the National Tutoring Programme. (For example, the £80 catch-up premium would more than cover the cost of putting a pupil on the Brilliant Tutoring Programme.)

Finally, schools will continue to receive Pupil Premium funding in the normal way. The Government has said that it still expects to schools to provide a broad and ambitious curriculum that sets pupils up for success in further study or employment. The Brilliant Club’s award-winning Scholars Programme remains a great way to stretch and challenge pupils beyond the core curriculum – and it’s been cited by both Ofsted and the EEF as an effective use of Pupil Premium funds.

We know this school year is tough for everyone working in schools, but at The Brilliant Club we’re determined to make sure pupils get the boost they need to keep aiming high.

If you’d like to talk to someone at The Brilliant Club about ways we can support your school, enquire here.