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Contextual Offers for Scholars Graduates

27 Nov 2019

Alternative University Offers for The Scholars Programme Graduates at KS5:

In recognition of the invaluable skills, rigour and academic preparation for university that The Scholars Programme provides when undertaken alongside A Level study, the University of Bath will make an alternative offer to our highest performing Scholars Programme graduates, those who achieve a 1st or a 2:1.

The University of Bath aims to create as much opportunity as possible for students from backgrounds that are under-represented at university to study at Bath and admits students with the greatest potential to succeed on their courses.

An alternative offer is typically one grade below the standard typical offer. For example, for a course with a typical offer of AAA, the alternative offer would be to achieve AAB. Please be aware that there are exemptions and limitations to the University of Bath alternative offers. Please see their alternative offers information for more detail here.

What are the next steps?

Year 13 Scholars applying to the University of Bath will need to email their Undergraduate Admissions Progression Team once they have submitted their application with their full name and UCAS ID number:

This is to ensure eligible Scholars (those with a 1st or 2:1 in their Scholars Programme final assignment) are issued with the alternative offer; grades and participation will be verified by The Brilliant Club.

Full details of available courses offered by the University of Bath may be found via their online prospectus.