Brilliant Club

Experience Experts Panel discuss Student Success at first meeting

01 Mar 2022

The first meeting of our newly formed Experience Experts Panel (EEP) took place in February. The EEP is the charity’s youth advisory panel, allowing us to test our approach on strategic challenges with young people who have experienced our programmes. This ensures that we are including the voices of our alumni when planning new activity at The Brilliant Club.

The panel is comprised of 12 TBC alumni from a diverse range of backgrounds and meets four times a year. It is chaired by our first ever Young Trustee, Hannah Chukwu. The aims of the panel are:

At their first meeting, the panel discussed our new Student Success programme, Join the Dots. They shared their own experiences of transitioning to university and some of the barriers they encountered during this process. Their input will shape the sessions delivered to young people on Join the Dots to prepare them for university life.

Panel member Megan Walsh said:

“One of my favourite things about the first Experience Experts Panel meeting was that everyone had ample opportunity to share their views, it was really interesting to hear other people’s stories and build on these together as a group. I cannot wait to continue to do this and use it to contribute to the growth of the charity. Being able to help the charity achieve its mission is something that I am really passionate about, and is one of the main reasons why I was so keen to join the panel.”

Panel Chair and Young Trustee Hannah Chukwu said:

“It is such a privilege to chair the Experience Experts Panel and hear from such wonderful young people as they share their ideas and opinions about upcoming projects at The Brilliant Club, based on their real-life experience. As the Young Trustee on the board of The Brilliant Club, I feel it is completely vital to incorporate the wisdom of young people into decision-making at the charity, and know that their valuable input will only strengthen our impact as a charity going forward. The Experience Experts Panel is a really exciting step in the right direction.”

You can find out more about the opportunities available to Brilliant Club alumni here.