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My Scholars Programme Journey

12 Apr 2019

By Poppy, Litcham School

I took part in the Scholars Programme in Year 10. The programme involves trips to universities at which you experience sessions and workshops. They help you to learn and develop transferrable skills such as correct referencing and effective essay writing, which prove themselves useful in many areas of work and writing.

In the programme your group receives a specific topic that you learn about from your tutor. Within my group’s tutorials we learnt about how to interpret the work of nineteenth-century poets. However, the topics range from literature to science and sociology and many more.

You receive various assignments between the tutorials, and you get a handbook that’s specific to your topic and guides you with information and references on your topic and your final assignment. I recommend not taking your handbook for granted and using it to its full potential – it’s very helpful.

If you’re a student taking part in The Scholars Programme you may have received a topic that you’ve never come across before. If so, I’d recommend getting interested in your topic. Do some independent research, it only has to be a dedicated ten minutes or so every few days. This will teach you more about what you’re learning and will help you to appreciate your tutorials better. Get to understand the context around what you are learning about – the time period, the fashions and trends or related topics. This will help give your assignments original angles.

For me, because we were doing a literature-based topic, having my own, well-supported original opinions helped me to complete my final assignment.

I also recommend asking your tutor as many questions as you can. Remember that your tutor really does know a lot on what they’re teaching, so can provide lots of help. For example, ask them for sources when you are doing your final assignment. Good sources, (referenced correctly) that support your points will really help to improve your final mark.

Doing early research helps to prevent you from feeling nervous when your final assignments deadline comes near.

The Scholars Programme can lead to great opportunities. For me and my friend we were able to attend a conference in Paris organised by our brilliant tutor, Azelina Flint.

Taking part in The Scholars Programme has taught me the benefits of seizing the opportunities that arise and not letting them pass by. Good luck to all taking part!