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National Teacher Day: ‘I feel incredibly proud of each one of them’

05 Oct 2023

This National Teacher Day, we’re sharing one of our fantastic PhD tutors’ stories. Zoe has been a tutor on The Scholars Programme since 2020 and has designed her own KS4 course ‘Health Inequalities in Sport and Physical Education’. As she prepares for her autumn placement, Zoe reflects on her experience tutoring with The Brilliant Club below.

Starting a tutoring role with the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme was an exciting step. Guiding young minds towards achieving academic excellence is a fulfilling task, but it’s one that comes with its fair share of challenges. Yet, despite the initial difficulties that some students faced, seeing their final assignments was an incredibly rewarding experience.

When I first began, I found myself continually amazed at the energy and passion the students brought to the programme. Their enthusiasm and curiosity were contagious and fuelled my own commitment to providing the best tutoring experience possible. However, it soon became evident that not all students had an easy path towards academic success. Some struggled significantly, facing a variety of issues, such as comprehension difficulties, time management problems, or a lack of confidence in their own abilities. I had to find new and engaging ideas to help those that struggled to grasp the concepts of the course. I did this by giving them structured questions to answer to form the basis of their essays and gave them academic papers to read to help form their arguments.

“Their enthusiasm and curiosity were contagious and fuelled my own commitment to providing the best tutoring experience possible.”

This worked well, and they were soon able to critically think about the topics and form their own opinions on them. The resilience they showed in the face of these struggles spoke volumes about their character and the potential they held. With each tutorial, they made strides towards improving their work, showcasing their ability to adapt and learn.

When the time came to receive their final assignments, my excitement was tinged with anticipation. I was curious to see how far they’d come, how much they’d improved, and how they’d incorporated feedback into their work. As I began reading through their assignments, I was not disappointed. Each piece was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and the progress they had made was evident.

“The opportunity to witness the growth and development of these students… has been an honour.”

From struggling with basic concepts to presenting complex ideas in a well-structured, articulate manner, their transformation was remarkable. Their final pieces showcased not just an understanding of the course material, but also their ability to critically analyse information and present arguments effectively – skills that are crucial in higher education.

My experience as a tutor in the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme has been a rewarding journey. The opportunity to witness the growth and development of these students, who despite facing difficulties early on, persevered and produced impressive work, has been an honour. I feel incredibly proud of each one of them and am eager to see where their academic journeys will take them next.

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