Brilliant Club

Podcast: AI Ed-Venture

11 Apr 2023

AI Ed-Venture: The future of education in a world of AI tools

The rise of ChatGPT has been a big talking point at The Brilliant Club, as many of our school partners and tutors get in touch to ask how our programmes might be affected by the technology that is transforming teaching and learning.

To explore the intersection of AI and education, we have recorded a podcast that looks at the future for education in this new AI landscape. It’s hosted by Zoë Morgan, Director of Marketing and Communications at The Brilliant Club, and features a panel of colleagues: Nikki Labrum, Technology and Product Director; Rosa Smith, Director of Tutor Engagement and Dr Katie Jones, Research and Evaluation Manager.

In this episode, the panel dive into topics such as:

AI Ed-Venture: The Future of Education in a World of AI Tools is a podcast for anyone interested in the future of education and the role that AI technology will play in shaping it. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a student, a tutor, or just someone who’s curious about the impact of AI on education, please listen and get in touch with your thoughts!

To find us on your Spotify app, search for ‘The Brilliant Club’s podcast’.