Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club acknowledges the Government’s response to the Augar Review

25 Feb 2022

In 2018, the then-Prime Minister Theresa May commissioned Sir Philip Augar to carry out a review of post-18 education and funding in England. Sir Philip Augar published his recommendations in the Augar Review in 2019.  

Yesterday, the Government set out its response to the Augar Review which includes several policy changes to student finance and funding. Alongside this, the Government has also published two consultations to hear views from universities, individuals and other organisations on its proposals for higher education access and funding.  

These consultations include proposals to restrict the number of places at universities in England, introduce minimum grades that a student must have achieved in school or college to qualify for student loans, reduce student fees for foundation years, and decide which students would qualify for a new national scholarship.  

Each of these changes has the potential to impact the students we work with and whether they decide to study at university or elsewhere. At The Brilliant Club, we are committed to putting the voices of our communities be it parents, PhD tutors, or students at the centre of our work.  

We will consult closely with our communities of students in the coming weeks to inform our response to the proposals outlined above and look forward to sharing our findings with policymakers.