Brilliant Club

Special edition of The Scholar

08 Jan 2018

Forty-three pupils across the UK will this week receive the news that their work has been chosen for publication in a special edition of The Scholar, The Brilliant Club’s selective, PhD Tutor-reviewed academic journal.

We received over 100 submissions for just 43 places from pupils aged 11 to 17 taking part in our programmes in state schools across the UK.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all pupils who were nominated. The quality of articles submitted for this edition was outstanding and the selection process therefore highly competitive.

The successful articles tackle a fascinating range of topics from climate change and anti-biotic resistance to restorative justice and philosophical approaches to euthanasia.

We are delighted that for the first time The Scholar contains articles by pupils on the Uni Pathways programme, the university-access course delivered by PhD graduates training to become classroom teachers on the Researchers in Schools programme, run by The Brilliant Club.

As well as exemplary work from our pupils, this edition of The Scholar also contains a guest article by Professor Tim Leunig, Associate Professor of Economic History at LSE and former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department for Education. In his article, Aim High and Apply, Professor Leunig reflects on his own journey from state school to the University of Oxford and offers tips and encouragement to pupils.

The Scholar is published termly by The Brilliant Club and celebrates the best work produced by pupils on The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways.