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The Brilliant Tutoring Programme 2022/23: Key Questions

16 Jun 2022

What is The Brilliant Tutoring Programme?

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme boosts pupils’ knowledge, skills and confidence in core subjects.

Our trained postgraduate tutors raise academic attainment through small group tuition targeted at mid-high attainers. We are proud to have partnered with over 290 schools to support over 12,000 students since we launched the programme.

Our courses are designed in collaboration with curriculum experts and our tutors are rigorously assessed and undergo extensive training. As subject experts, they support students to develop subject knowledge and inspire them beyond the curriculum. 

Tutoring will support students to re-build their confidence in core subjects, develop subject knowledge, critical thinking and meta-cognitive skills, as well as inspiring them to aim for top universities. Working with a post-graduate tutor, students will not only build knowledge in curriculum areas but build understanding about university study and university advice and guidance. 

“I have seen students elated after a lesson. The praise and confidence building that some tutors have offered has been excellent.” Teacher, Scarborough

“I just wanted to drop a note to say how amazing The Brilliant Tutoring Programme has been for our child and how privileged we feel for him to have taken part.” Parent, The Arnewood School

School-led tutoring in 2022/23

From September, we will be offering The Brilliant Tutoring Programme in England for the third year running.

The Department for Education has allocated all National Tutoring Programme funding directly to schools through the schools-led funding route.

We are pleased to continue to offer provision via the school-led tutoring route and hope the simpler model will mean it’s easier to access and make good use of school-led tutoring funding in 2022/23. 

Spaces are limited so we recommend early sign up and schools can adjust exact numbers and provision with us once they have received confirmation on funding from the Department for Education at a later date.  

The cost of The Brilliant Tutoring Programme from September 2022 is set at:

How does it work?

Building on the successes of delivering The Brilliant Tutoring Programme to over 12,000 students at 290 schools across the last two academic years, we’ve made some key changes based on teacher and student feedback.

From September 2022, we will offer:

Pupils can take part in more than one placement to cover multiple subjects over the year[1].

Our targeting criteria mean we reach those pupils who are most likely to have been affected by school closures whilst also giving room for teachers to use their discretion about the students who would benefit from the programme. We ask that 55% of pupils on the programme fulfil at least one of the following:

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[1] Correct as of June 2022, but subject to change as a result of Department for Education guidance.