Brilliant Club

The magic of starting young

20 Nov 2020

The Brilliant Club’s mission is to lead more pupils to highly-selective universities and we believe starting young is fundamental in achieving this (read more in our “Starting Young” report here). Since 2013, we have run a tailored Scholars Programme for 10,000 primary school pupils aged 7-11, introducing the concept of university and engaging with fascinating new topics beyond the curriculum. The programme develops critical thinking, meta-cognitive skills, and self-motivation, all of which complement their existing studies.

“It was interesting and fun because I got to learn new things and experience to prepare me for high school and university.” Pupil, St Antony’s Primary School, Newham

Key Stage 2 courses are taught and graded a key stage above. For example, a Year 5 pupil receiving a 1st in their final assignment is considered to be working at an outstanding level for a Key Stage 3 pupil. They have the chance to explore two highly-selective universities (virtually whilst campuses are closed) and begin to imagine the future they see for themselves. Parents attend our graduation events, learning about university alongside their child and celebrating their success.

“Our child has loved being involved in the program. It made her think more seriously about going to a university when she’s older and given her a sense of pride in her work”, Parent at Filton Avenue Primary School, Bristol

Primary schools use the programme to support pupils in different ways: to stretch them before entering Year 6, or as a transition tool from Year 6 into secondary school – a fun project once SATs are over. Many schools include their pupils’ 1,000-word final assignment as part of the transition portfolio shared with secondary schools, to set high expectations from the start. This year we are also piloting an adapted programme for Year 3 and 4 pupils, introducing the idea of university even earlier.

Following school closures, the focus for many is rightly on curriculum catch-up. But we do not believe this should be at the cost of preparing the next generation for the futures they deserve.

If you would like to partner with us to run the programme this summer (March–July), get in touch here.