Brilliant Club

The Scholar’s 16th Issue

21 Jun 2021

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 16th issue of The Scholar, The Brilliant Club’s selective, PhD Tutor-reviewed academic journal.

The Scholar celebrates the most creative and insightful work produced by pupils on each cycle of The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways. This year, a record number of nominations for The Scholar were admitted. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to every one of the thirty pupils published in this issue, and to all the pupils who completed The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways across the year.

We are pleased to feature a piece from a Scholars alumnus for the first time in our journal. Ella Devereux’s piece affirms the importance of reading and researching our curiosities. She reflects on an unforeseen year and draws several significant lessons that we are proud to share.

Certainly, the outstanding essays in this issue of The Scholar demonstrate the intelligence and natural inquisitiveness of young pupils and their ability to contribute well-reasoned opinions to popular debates. Our participants put forward an impressive range of arguments spanning across the diversity of courses taught on The Scholars Programme. In the Humanities, one assignment considers the premonitions of dystopian literature against scientific and political history in ‘Are we heading towards a dystopian society?’. Also, one of the youngest pupils in this issue considers the practice of shaping history when interrogating if ‘In the eleventh century, the difference between invader and native was a matter of perspective. Do you agree?’

In the Social Sciences, our pupils are no less interested in considering the questions which affect our present. Two pupils turn their attention to the advancement of technology as one work reminds us of its ancient origins in ‘Do technologies cause changes in society?’. Meanwhile, another piece considers the political implications of technology in ‘Are the laws on the responsible use of the internet sufficient in protecting our freedoms of right and expression?’

In the STEM subjects, several scholars look back at history and towards the future to consider some of the most pressing scientific questions. In ‘Can fossils predict the future?’, one pupil relates the importance of fossils to the climate change question. Further, another impressive piece of work presents several medical justifications for why their ‘research proposal attempting to secure a grant to fund the search for a new antibiotic from a leafcutter ant colony’ should be awarded.

As with each issue, the 16th issue of The Scholar reaffirms the purpose of The Brilliant Club which exists to stretch and foster confidence in pupils as they engage with the world around them through the lens of innovative and critical thinking. Evident in the pupils’ essays and from our alumnus, The Scholar continues to highlight the intellectual capacity of pupils as they actively contribute to the subject fields that matter to them.

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