Brilliant Club

Widening Participation Questionnaire Launch

07 Nov 2022

In collaboration with The Brilliant Club and researchers at the University of Cambridge, TASO has launched a draft widening participation questionnaire.

The Brilliant Club, alongside researchers at the University of Cambridge, is collaborating with The Centre for Transforming Access and Student Outcomes in Higher Education (TASO), to develop and validate a multi-scale questionnaire that can be used to evaluate outreach activities across widening participation and student success teams.

We have now reached a key milestone in the project: the launch of a draft widening participation questionnaire to measure intermediate outcomes.

The draft version of the questionnaire is partially validated. This means there is still one step in the validation process to be completed before the final questionnaire can be used as a validated tool to measure intermediate outcomes relevant to widening access and student success.

The final step of the validation process (and the step we need your help with) is to collect responses from students for the questionnaire items we have collated, and collect data on relevant outcomes – such as attainment, progression rates, and success measures. This will generate a large dataset for TASO to run statistical analyses using the current version of the measurement scales.

How can you help?

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