Everything that The Brilliant Club does, we do in pursuit of consistent and reliable outcomes for pupils. Our Research and Impact Department brings together a team of social scientists who work to understand the impact of our programmes on pupil outcomes. We use this evidence to widen participation to highly-selective universities, and to measure and improve curriculum enrichment.  


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Our programmes have proven impact.

We evaluate our two university access programmes, The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and by adopting a range of statistical techniques. Below we demonstrate how we evidence the impact of our programmes.

University of Cambridge External Evaluation

Between 2018 and 2020, we commissioned researchers at the University of Cambridge to evaluate the impact of The ScholarsProgramme. The evaluation had two phases. Firstly, the University of Cambridge carried out adesk-based review of the charity’s research and impact work to date. Secondly, the University of Cambridge conducted arandomisedcontrolled trial (RCT) to assess the impact ofThe ScholarsProgrammeon pupils’ cognitive outcomes. You can find out more about the RCT, including the results, here. The results from the RCT will also be published in a peer reviewed journal in the future. 

Independent Evaluations

For the fourth year in a row, independent analysis by UCAS showed that pupils on The Scholars Programme are significantly more likely to apply to, receive an offer from and progress to a highly-selective university than pupils with similar socio-demographic background and GCSE attainment. Read the details of this evaluation, and those from previous years, here.

Annual Impact Reports

Our Annual Impact Reports offer an overview of the charity's work during the academic year. You can find out more about our programmes, our scale, how we evaluate our impact, and our plans for the year ahead.

In 2018/19, The Brilliant Club worked with 13,993 pupils across our programmes and special projects, and partnered with 843 schools and over 40 universities.

The Scholar

The Scholar is The Brilliant Club's academic journal of outstanding pupil work! It is published termly and showcases some of the excellent work produced by pupils on The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways.

All assignments nominated for publication are reviewed by an expert panel of PhD researchers and only the highest scoring are published.

WA pencil and a protractore have deep expertise in evaluating and reporting.

Outcomes Framework

Based on academic research, we designed an outcomes framework that details how we support pupils to progress to highly-selective universities. This framework is built upon cognitive and non-cognitive skills that academic research shows are linked to attainment and university progression.

Impact Reporting

We produce more than a thousand bespoke impact reports a year for our school and university partners, to find out more please click the button below.

You can understand more about the charity’s impact by reading our latest Annual Impact Report.

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We engage and contribute to the research conversation – bringing together researchers and practitioners to tackle educational inequality.

Research and Impact Consultancy: With increasing focus on the outcomes and impact of university participation and outreach interventions, it is more important than ever to conduct high-quality and robust evaluation work. At The Brilliant Club, we provide research and impact consultancy services to universities and other third sector organisations to support their work in this area. We specialise in providing support that draws on robust research, but is also practical for organisations to engage with. Our areas of interest include:

  1. Evaluating university access and effective outreach.
  2. Employing science of learning principles to improve teaching and learning practice.
  3. Defining and measuring cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes.

You can read about a recent research consultancy project that we undertook for Cardiff University here.

If you would like to find out more about our research and impact consultancy, please email Dr. Katie Jones (Research and Evaluation Manager) for further information.

Research Publications

We produce research publications on topics related to university access and outreach.

Our publications include research reports about our own programme evaluations, as well as thematic case studies and rapid reviews about wider issues and key topics impacting the university access sector.

Research Seminars

We host research seminars that bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss key issues in university access and outreach.

To date, we have partnered with Cardiff University, the University of Sheffield, the University of Strathclyde and UCL to host the seminars.