The Brilliant Club has commissioned the University of Cambridge to evaluate the impact of its programmes on pupils’ cognitive outcomes.

The evaluation will be led by Dr Sonia Ilie and Professor Anna Vignoles from the Faculty of Education, and will take place between 2018 and 2020. 

The evaluation has two phases. Firstly, the University of Cambridge will carry out a desk-based review of the charity’s research and impact work to date. Specifically, the review will focus on validating the charity’s internal research projects. Further information about our research projects can be found here. 

Secondly, the University of Cambridge will conduct a randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of The Scholars Programme on pupils’ cognitive outcomes. The cognitive outcomes that will be assessed are outlined in the charity’s competencies framework. For further information  about the framework, please read our strategy document The Path to Outcomes.  The fieldwork for the randomised controlled trial will commence in Autumn 2019 and preliminary findings are expected in 2020. 

For further information about the external evaluation, please contact Dr Lauren Bellaera (Research and Impact Director): hello@thebrilliantclub.org