In 2018/19, we hosted a Research Seminar Series in partnership with Cardiff University, the University of Sheffield, the University of Strathclyde and UCL. 

Uniquely, each seminar featured a presentation by at least one academic and one practitioner, linked by a central topic.

The seminar topics were: 

Knowing the context: Understanding university access in Scotland
Preparing for the future: 21st century skills
Understanding individuals: Ethnicity and education
Measuring outcomes: Randomised controlled trials and longitudinal studies
Understanding individuals: Looked after children and care leavers in higher education
Understanding individuals: What works for pupils with different abilities?
Preparing for the future: Promoting STEM learning in young people
Knowing the context: Student success from an international perspective 

The Brilliant Club’s seminars are particularly useful for academics and practitioners interested in the social mobility agenda who want to have in-depth discussions about the role of research in widening participation. 

Details of any upcoming seminars can be found on this page.

We are also available to speak at conferences. Please email Dr. Lauren Bellaera (Research and Impact Director) for further information: