RIS participants are making an impact in their schools

School Case Studies


Essa Academy, Bolton

Click below to read a case study of the RIS programme that looks at how our participants have made a difference at Essa Academy, Bolton.

Bohunt School, Hampshire

Click below to read a case study of the Researchers in Schools programme that looks at our impact at Bohunt School, Hampshire.

Scale and Impact in 2018/19

In 2018/19, 386 pupils in 55 schools took part in Uni Pathways

93% of these pupils met at least one of The Brilliant Club’s targeting criteria

85% of pupils who took part in Uni Pathways said they knew how and why people study at university

RLE Projects

In the second year of the programme, participants will create an intervention or improvement project with a group of pupils tailored to the context of your school.

Find out more about our participants’ research projects in our 2016 cohort review.