We look for a wide range of qualities that we feel all successful trainee teachers possess.

These qualities, or competencies, are tested throughout our application process and we expect our participants to embody these qualities throughout recruitment, onboarding and beyond onto the programme.

Awareness of RIS programme and its aims, the wider English education system and the role of a trainee teacher

Considered reasons for wanting to train to teach, to work with young people and to become a RIS participant

Wanting to make a difference to the lives of young people through teaching and a desire to work towards the charitable aims of The Brilliant Club

Clear and precise communication skills, ability to structure responses and answers successfully and explain difficult concepts in easy-to-follow language

Experience of forging and maintaining relationships with people from a range of backgrounds or professions and the ability to work well with others

Showing the ability to cooperate with others, a willingness to learn and the ability to reflect and evaluate your own and others’ actions

The capacity to persevere through challenging circumstances, as well as the ability to see others through them

Wanting to develop and improve as a professional with the ability to respond positively and proactively to constructive feedback. A commitment to the professional standards in teaching