Our Training Routes

The RIS programme offers two different teacher training routes to ensure that your experience is tailored to your prior experience and circumstances.

Your teacher training takes place across Year 1. You’ll have regular training with one of our Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers and spend the rest of your time training on the job in your school. To enhance your training and experience, you’ll also spend time in a second, contrasting school. 

The RIS programme offers two different teacher training routes to ensure that your experience is tailored to your prior experience and circumstances: the salaried route and the bursary route.

Which training route is right for me? 

You can learn more about these two training routes below. Whichever route you are selected for, you’ll become a fully qualified teacher, participate in the same RIS training and make a real difference to young people! 

The Bursary Training Route

The recommended training route for most applicants, providing a gradual introduction to teaching

The Salaried Training Route

For those with highly relevant experience of teaching and a desire for a real challenge

More on training route preferences 

The decision on your suitability for each route will rest with us, although you can express a preference on the application form. As schools tend to have many more bursary places than salaried places, the chance of a placement that matches your regional preferences are significantly higher on the bursary route. 

Getting School Experience

Getting experience in a classroom can greatly improve your application by building your awareness of current teaching practices and the education landscape in general. One of the best ways to do this is by spending time in a school before or during the application process.

There are a variety of different ways you can gain school experience, the most relevant of which are listed below. We recognise opportunities for this may be limited at present due to the ongoing pandemic. You should continue to monitor the availability of such opportunities and consider arranging calls with teachers you know or ones at your local school to for insights into the profession.

The DfE’s School Experience Programme

You’ll be placed at one of the hundreds of schools across the country that are part of the SEP. During your placement you’ll have the opportunity to talk to teachers about day-to-day school life, observe teaching and pastoral work and watch a range of lessons and age groups being taught.

Completing a Scholars Programme placement

A paid, short-term teaching placement through The Scholars Programme, a part-time tutoring programme which is run by The Brilliant Club. This will provide first-hand experience of the type of school you may be placed in as a RIS participant, as well as excellent exposure to undertaking university-style tutorials aimed at secondary school pupils.

Arranging a visit at your local school

You can make an independent arrangement to spend time at a local secondary school to familiarise yourself with the school and classroom environment