Are you a current doctoral student or a PhD graduate? There are three ways in which you can get involved with The Brilliant Club.

Researchers in Schools

Researchers in Schools (RIS) is a unique teacher training and development programme specifically for people with a PhD. The RIS Programme has three core objectives:

  • Increasing and disseminating subject expertise
  • Promoting education research
  • Championing university access

To find out more about becoming a RIS participant, and the next application deadline, visit the Researchers in Schools page.

The Scholars Programme

The Scholars Programme recruits, trains and places PhD researchers and graduates in state schools across the UK, to deliver academically rigorous programmes linked their own research.

As a Scholars Programme Tutor you will:

  • Support local pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to access university
  • Receive expert training and gain experience to develop your teaching and other transferable skills
  • Earn £500 per placement plus travel expenses
  • Disseminate your research to small groups of school pupils
  • Join a nationwide community of like-minded researchers making a huge impact on university access

To find out more about becoming a Scholars Programme tutor, visit The Scholars Programme page.

Brilliant Tutoring Programme

As an approved tuition partner through the National Tutoring Programme, the Brilliant Tutoring Programme aims to re-engage and rebuild secondary school pupils’ confidence in core subjects by working with our PhD subject expert tutors.

The Brilliant Club’s Brilliant Tutoring Programme offers PhD researchers and doctoral graduates a paid opportunity which advances professional development and equips tutors with the necessary skills to support pupils from underrepresented backgrounds. Training with The Brilliant Club and working as a BTP tutor enables researchers to enrich their understanding of the UK education system through pedagogical theory training and first-hand teaching experience.

To find out more about becoming a Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor, click on the button below.