Friends of The Brilliant Club

In The Brilliant Club’s mission to increase the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities, we have built strong relationships with schools, universities and PhD researchers. This support enables us to work with underrepresented pupils across the country on our programmes and special projects. We believe in the power of networks and the importance of engaging with all of our supporters to continue working together on our mission.

We are therefore excited to be able to invite you to become part of our network, Friends of The Brilliant Club. We hope that the network will provide opportunities for people interested in the charity to come together, share ideas and support The Brilliant Club’s mission. Should you be interested in becoming a Friend of The Brilliant Club, please sign up by clicking the button below.

Previous events

Museum of Childhood - Network Launch

In 2019, we were delighted to launch our network ‘Friends of The Brilliant Club’, and were pleased to see be joined by so many people interested in our work as a charity for our first event. We hosted this at the Museum of Childhood, and were joined by Dame Sue John, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr Chris Wilson, CEO of The Brilliant Club and Michael Slavinsky, President of Friends of The Brilliant Club. During the event, we asked guests to share what they would like to get out of the network and how the network could be useful for them. We have used these great ideas to design and shape our future events.


What are the barriers to University Access in the North West?

In partnership with The University of Manchester, we hosted a panel discussion, with our panellists sharing their views on what the barriers to going to university are in the North West. We were delighted to be joined by Stephanie Lee, from The University of Manchester, Dr Carly Wright from Cedar Mount Academy and Sam Kalubowila from Greater Manchester Higher – To read more about our panellists and their backgrounds, please click here. We were delighted to be joined by so many engaged Friends of The Brilliant Club on the evening, and to hear so many questions about the topic from others within the sector. It was wonderful to hear our panel use their expertise to provide insights and thoughts about the barriers to university access in the North West.

A massive thank you to our long-standing partners, the University of Manchester, for allowing us to host such a great event!

FOTBC December