How to partner with us

We are always looking for new schools to partner with and encourage schools - regardless of location - to enquire about running The Scholars Programme.

Once you enquire we will arrange a call or meeting with you to discuss how the programme can work for your school and your priorities.

Schools can sign up for one year or multiple years with us. The school contribution is £175 per pupil, a total of £2,100 per placement which consists of 12 pupils. The charity’s costs of running the programme are also subsidised through contributions from our university partners and external grants and donations.

We are developing a range of contingency plans to ensure that pupils don’t miss out as a result of the COVID 19 impact. Read about them here and get in touch to discuss how we can support your school during this time.

Schools can sign up at any time in the school year. However, we advise signing up in advance of the deadlines here.

Enquire here to become a school partner

Please note that there might be regional differences with deadlines and terms. Please download the relevant flyer for up to date information.

Information for Schools

For all the information on becoming a Scholars Programme School, download the Information for Schools flyer for your country.