The Scholars Programme provides pupils with an experience of university-style learning beyond the curriculum, through seven tutorials and two trips to the most competitive universities. They are supported by a PhD tutor, teaching a topic based on their current research.


What does The Scholars Programme offer to pupils at secondary schools?

  • Develops skills assessed in end of secondary education examinations including critical analysis, problem-solving and written reasoning skills.
  • Small group tutorials encourage verbal reasoning and communication.
  • Courses are designed to support a varied curriculum.
  • Encourages the possibility of higher education as a tangible educational path through two visits to the most competitive universities.
  • Final assessment feedback for pupils to take forward in their future educational progress.


“I really loved the opportunity and I think it’s opened a whole new door of possibilities for me.”


What could pupils study on The Scholars Programme?

Our community of more than 1,000 PhD tutors is what makes The Brilliant Club unique. For some pupils, the only doctor they may have ever met is in a medical setting, but our programmes open up the world of academic research and give young people the opportunity to study university-level work in an accessible manner.  

Every PhD tutor is trained in basic tutorial pedagogy to transform their research into an engaging course of tutorials which are tailored to a specific key stage. Secondary school pupils in previous programmes have been introduced to university style education covering the Humanities, the Social Sciences and STEM subjects including:

  • ‘Disease detectives’
  • ‘The Victorian internet: Technology in 19th-century literature’
  • ‘The Anthropocene vs. deep time – A journey through Earth’s climate history
  • ‘Why was there a French Revolution?’
  • ‘Why are we here? Answers from physics and faith’

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