Tutors are supported, through training and individualised guidance, to deliver a course of university-style tutorials to small groups of pupils.

Tutor Training

To support our tutors to be as effective as possible when working with our scholars, we offer a comprehensive and ongoing training package.  All tutors will complete a hybrid training programme including online modules to be completed in their own time and at least one live online training day per year.

Where tutors indicate that they’d like to design and deliver their own course, based on their own research, we offer online modules on backwards planning, designing effective assessments and curriculum and tutorial structuring.

Where tutors indicate that they’d like to work with younger scholars delivering one of our pre-designed courses, we offer modules on ways to ensure that learning outcomes are met and that learning can be tailored to the younger mind.

All tutors also complete online training around how to mark scholars’ work accurately when applying a university style mark scheme as well as how to give effective feedback.

Our training is designed by qualified teachers and experts in university-style teaching and learning. It uses pedagogical theory and applies this to practical teaching strategies.

Live online training

Our training days are a real highlight for tutors.  These include pedagogy sessions tailored to tutors experience as well as a range of electives that tutors can choose to attend.  This year, we have run sessions on Supporting High Risk Students, Teaching Sensitive Topics, Engaging and Practical Activities in STEM to name but a few.

Feedback from our in -person training days in 2022-23:

  • 100% of our new PhD tutors that attended our in-person training days agreed or strongly agreed that: Following the training day I have learned new practical things that I will be able to use this term.
  • 100% of returning tutors agreed or strongly agreed that they felt better prepared to teach undergraduates.
  • 97% of PhD tutors rated the training content delivered as good or excellent.
  • 97% of PhD tutors felt that following our Training Day, they would be able to effectively plan tutorials to support pupils through the course.

Here are just some of the things that our tutors have said about our training days:

“The content was tremendously useful, and the community was supportive. I felt a sense of community and that we were all pulling together to teach better and with greater impact”.

“The electives were very useful for information on specific areas of the programme where I felt I needed more advice or guidance”.

“I really enjoyed being taught in a way on the training day which demonstrated the pedagogy you propose. It was a useful example of the pedagogy in action”.

“The electives were very thoughtful and helpful. It felt like a community was being created”.

All tutors also take part in a professional induction, including an Enhanced Disclosure DBS Check.  You can read more about the transferable skills you can obtain from our training in our Researcher Development Case Study.

three students sitting at a table and laughing during training