Welcome to The Brilliant Club’s BTP Tutor Training Module.

BTP Tutor Training

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The sessions in this module are designed to support you with planning for delivering a BTP Placement

We would recommend setting aside 45 minutes to an hour to complete this module – you may wish to complete this in one sitting or split it into smaller segments if you would prefer to.


At the end of the module, you will be required to complete a short exit quiz to review your understanding and so that your Programme Officer is able to see whether you require any additional support ahead of the Spring Term. Please note that we require all tutors to complete this training before they can begin a BTP placement.

Alongside the training module, you will find a Lesson Planning Template and some handbook excerpts (one each for English, maths and science) – these will be required for the completion of a planning task within the training, so please do ensure that you download these.

Please refer to your training email from the Teaching and Learning team for the deadline for completing this part of the training.

Your Role as a Tutor

Planning Tutorials

Delivering Virtual Tutorials

NB: Please note that we have updated our safeguarding policy to allow for 1-to-1 online tuition on the Brilliant Tutoring Programme. Tutorials can continue with only one pupil present and must be recorded.

Resources: Lesson Planning Template and Handbook Excerpts

Please now complete the exit quiz below to confirm that you have completed the BTP Tutor Training Module.