Delivering a

We recommend you have a copy of your pre-designed course handbook while you complete this training. If you do not have it, email your Programme Officer.

Delivering a Pre-Designed Course

This video will support you in identifying the main outcomes of your course and explore how you can use backwards planning to plan your tutorials. The session also covers how you might adapt your delivery depending on the needs of your pupils and activities to engage younger pupils in tutorials.

Supporting Pupil Progress – Marking and Feedback

This video covers the marking procedures for the final assignment and explores the principles of effective feedback with a focus on younger pupils.

If you are a returning tutor, you may have received some of this information while completing your Scholars Programme self-designed programme training. We recommend you have a look at the example essays to familiarise yourself with the level you can expect from younger pupils. The video also contains some specific guidance for providing feedback to younger pupils.

Further resources can be found below:

Exit Quiz

To complete your pre-designed course tutor training, please fill in the exit quiz and feedback survey below.