This video covers the marking procedures for the final assignment and explores the principles of effective feedback.

If you are a returning tutor, you may have watched this video while completing your Scholars Programme self-designed programme training. We recommend you have a look at the example essays to familiarise yourself with the level you can expect from younger pupils. You do not, however, need to complete the whole training video again.

Please note: You will notice during this video that sometimes we refer to the age group of pupils that are older than those you will be working with on your pre-designed programme.  It is important to note that the concepts and theories underpinning marking and feedback, as well as the processes for moderation and marking are the same for all age groups we work with.  At the end of this training session, you will be asked to practice marking and giving feedback with examples written by pupils aged 9-13 who have completed a pre-designed programme.  In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to apply the broader principles around feedback and marking to final assignments created by pupils the same age as those you will be working with.

Exit Quiz

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