Welcome to The Scholars Programme. This section of The Brilliant Club’s PhD tutor training is designed to prepare you to deliver your own Scholars Programme course.

Welcome to the Scholars Programme! We hope you are looking forward to designing a course based on your own research and to sharing your supra-curricular subject with pupils. Before you begin your Scholars Programme tutor training, our Teaching and Learning team would like to say a few words of welcome and share more about the programme and the pupils we work with.

We have outlined the general structure of online training and approximate timings for each step here. However, as everyone works at their own pace and comes to this training with different expertise, these are general estimations, and we encourage you to take whatever amount of time you feel is appropriate for you to complete them.

Stage 1: Introductory Module

If you have not completed your safeguarding training, please ensure you view this introductory module before continuing your training. All newly recruited tutors should complete both sessions in this module. Tutors who have worked with us before, please do feel free to watch the welcome video if you wish, which provides an introduction to The Brilliant Club and tutor training.

Stage 2: Online Training Modules (you are here)

These sessions will draw on all three of our core principles for effective delivery, but in particular they will look at:

  • Planning
  • Progress

There are two modules in total to work through to complete this training. By the end of the training, you will have:

  • Begun drafting your assignments and tutorial outcomes
  • Begun planning your Course Design Template
  • Practiced marking and providing feedback for pupils aged 14-16

After completing these two modules, you will be asked to complete an exit quiz.  Please ensure you complete this exit quiz to finish the training.

What materials are available? 

On the following pages you will find a series of training videos, explanatory text and activities to complete.  To support your training, we have developed the following resources for tutors:

    What happens at the end of these online modules? 

    There will be an exit quiz and feedback survey for you to complete. These will ask questions about the content, but also collect feedback from you. One of the charity’s core values is to act on the best available data, so feedback from our tutors is very important to us.  To see what changes to the training we have made off the back of last year’s feedback, please click here.

    How to make the most of this online training

    There are prompts throughout the video sessions to pause and complete tasks that will help you towards preparing to deliver a course through either The Scholars Programme or Brilliant Tutoring Programme. We have suggested timings, but feel free to take whatever amount of time you think is appropriate for you to complete them.

    You can also refer to the available guidance and examples mentioned above.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact

    Angie Baker
    Teaching and Learning Manager