This module of the Brilliant Club PhD tutor training has been designed to support you when putting together your own Scholars Programme course.

Welcome to the Scholars Programme! We hope you are looking forward to designing a course based on your own research and to sharing your supra-curricular subject with pupils. Before you begin your Scholars Programme tutor training, our Teaching and Learning team would like to say a few words of welcome and share more about the programme and the pupils we work with.

Session 1: Welcome to The Scholars Programme

In this session, you will find out more about the structure of The Scholars Programme, who our scholars are and what’s so important about the programme.

Session 2: Backwards Planning and the Assignments

In this session, you’ll begin to think through exactly what knowledge and skills scholars will be developing when they take part in your course and will design both the final and the baseline assignment using the principles that underpin The Scholars Programme.

Session 3: Tutorial Planning

In this session, you’ll work through a series of activities to decide on the outcomes for each of your tutorials as well as which resources and activities you’ll use in each tutorial to achieve them.


Depending on your subject stream, please download the appropriate course design guidance and decolonising toolkit as well as a course design workbook.


Submitting your course for feedback

When you have completed your course design, please submit it to us using the link in the email you received directing you to this training.