Before commencing your Brilliant Club Tutor Training, please view the sessions below.

Welcome from The Brilliant Club team!

Congratulations again on becoming a Brilliant Club tutor. To get started, our team would like to say a few words of welcome:

Our Teaching and Learning team or someone from our Programme teams will be in touch to share further information about how to begin the next steps of your training in due course.


As you will be working with pupils, it is important to review the safeguarding of young people and children.  This video is designed to make sure PhD tutors are aware of the role they play in safeguarding the children and young people that we work with and is required before undertaking any placements.

Please make sure you click on the link below and submit your details to confirm that you have watched this video.

Please note you must score at least 7 out of 8 on this exit quiz before you continue with your training.

After completing this Exit Quiz, feel free to visit our Electives Page, which includes electives on professional development, widening participation and pedagogy which can all be useful at various stages of your training.

At this stage you might find it most useful to view the following electives:

  • 1 in 4, 1 in 50 – to learn more about our mission
  • The British Education System (primarily useful for those educated outside the UK)
  • How We Use Data at The Brilliant Club