We’re looking forward to meeting all our Scholars Programme tutors in our training sessions. Here you will find all the resources for Training Day.

If you have any difficulty accessing sessions on the day, please email and include your name and your Programme Officer’s name so that we can ensure we point you to the correct session.

Pedagogy Sessions

Core Pedagogy

This session will introduce you to current educational thinking around giving effective instructions and on using questions to check your students’ understanding.

Advanced Pedagogy

This session will introduce you to some strategies to support your students’ critical thinking.


Progress in pre-designed courses

This is an elective which focuses on how you can use formative assessment and feedback to ensure that your students make progress whatever their starting points.  In it, you will think carefully about how to adapt tutorial plans for the individual needs of the students in your group, using a range of strategies to ensure that you have the best information and their knowledge, understanding and skills at any given point.  This elective is suitable for tutors teaching a pre-designed course.  To take part, you will need your course handbook.

Scholars Programme peer course workshop

This elective is for PhD tutors delivering a course they will design on The Scholars Programme. The aim of this elective is to help you develop your course handbook, by breaking down your ideas for your course and turning these into key outcomes and activities. There will be space to give and receive feedback from other tutors.

Look who’s talking: Getting pupils talking in a positive and constructive manner

This is an elective on getting pupils talking in your sessions. We will talk about why we want pupils to talk, what kind of talking leads to learning, and strategies for encouraging the most effective kinds of talking. We will share strategies that are based on empirical evidence to encourage students to talk, participate, and learn. This elective is suitable for all tutors.

Differentiating your delivery

We want every pupil to reach their full potential and achieve their best. In this elective, we will be focusing on differentiation and scaffolding. i.e. how educators can adapt tasks to support or stretch pupils. This elective will guide you through knowing what differentiation and scaffolding are and introduce you to a range of strategies and activities to use in your own tutorials. As differentiation and scaffolding are an integral part of every tutorial, this elective is designed to be a practical and essential toolkit for tutors in both self-designed and pre-designed courses. This elective is suitable for all tutors.

Engaging and practical activities in STEM

In this elective for STEM tutors, you will be guided through a range of strategies for planning engaging activities to support learners in developing STEM-specific skills. We’ll discuss and model a range of strategies, including working with scientific literature, developing subject knowledge through activities and strategies to build pupils up to a problem set. This elective is focuses on supracurricular skills, but BTP tutors wishing to attend for further professional development are very welcome.

Five steps to questioning like a pro

This elective explores questioning techniques and strategies to check pupils’ understanding and support their learning. We will recap and expand on the examples of good questioning you will have covered in your core training and practise putting these principles into action. This elective is suitable for returning tutors, and we particularly encourage returning BTP tutors to join.

Translating your TBC experience into HE spaces

This is an elective on applying your TBC skills to the academic job market. We will discuss what skills you develop as PhD Tutors, establish the links between TBC and HE work, and talk about how your current skills can be applied in HE contexts. We will look at aligning and using your TBC experience for applying to academic jobs and bring it all together by writing personal statements to exemplar job descriptions. This elective is suitable for all tutors.