We’re looking forward to meeting all our Scholars Programme tutors in our training sessions. Here you will find all the resources for Training Weekend.

If you have any difficulty accessing sessions on the day, please email and include your name and your Programme Officer’s name so that we can ensure we point you to the correct session.

All resources for the weekend are included in this online tutor workbook, which you can download via the button below.


Our last session of the day will include a range of electives designed to support tutors with their continued professional development.  For a summary of what each elective will cover, please click the button below.

Regional Sessions

Based on the location of your placement, tutors have been sent the appropriate timetable so that you have the chance to meet your Programme Officers and work with either our Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff-based teams or our London-based team.

Coffee and Chat Session

The final session of the day from 3:10-4pm is an optional session in which tutors can choose between attending an elective, designed to support our tutor’s professional development, or attending our informal Coffee and Chat session to meet other Scholars Programme tutors, including tutors who may work in the same academic or geographical areas as you.

This Coffee and Chat session will be held on the platform Wonder and we have prepared a guidance document to introduce you to the platform, so you can get started meeting other tutors from the moment you join. We strongly suggest you review this document before joining this session if you are new to Wonder.