Welcome to The Brilliant Club's PhD tutor training core modules

Welcome to The Brilliant Club’s PhD tutor training core modules. These sessions are designed to introduce you to the core pedagogy training that underpins delivery for all Brilliant Club programmes.

These sessions will focus on two of our three core principles of effective delivery to school-aged pupils:

  • Participation
  • Progress

At the end of this module, you will also be asked to complete our online safeguarding training. This is compulsory for all PhD tutors. Please ensure you complete the exit quizzes at the end of this module, so we know you have completed this training. Please note: we cannot place tutors who do not complete training.

There are three sessions in total to work through to complete the core modules

How to make the most of this online training

There are prompts throughout the video sessions to pause and complete tasks that will help you towards preparing to deliver a course through either The Scholars Programme or Brilliant Tutoring Programme. We have suggested timings, but feel free to take whatever amount of time you think is appropriate for you to complete them.

Please refer to your training email from the Teaching and Learning team for the deadline for completing this part of the training. Remember to complete the relevant quizzes, so we know you have finished the training and can send you details of the next stage. If you have any questions or problems, please contact