Useful resources for Lead Teachers on The Brilliant Tutoring Programme can be accessed here.

List of content modules

While you’re waiting for your placement to start, have a look at the list of modules. Lead teachers will be asked to pick three out of five modules per subject for tutors to teach.

Example timetables

Have a look at the most popular timetabling options that our schools tend to select for delivering the programme. They can be accessed via the button below.

CPD Webinar series 

New for 2022-23, we’ve launched a termly CPD webinar series for our teachers, focusing on a range of topics that are trending in the educational landscape. Webinars are hosted by renowned Institute of Education lecturer Dr Lauren Bellaera. Here’s one of our great webinars from last year: ‘Teaching Critical Thinking – Practical Tips for Teachers’. 

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University-style masterclasses 

During the first national lockdown, we created a broad selection of engaging masterclasses across different disciplines and other useful resources you may want to share with your pupils while they’re waiting for the programme to start.

Masterclassesare delivered by ourPhDTutors and topics range fromModern History: Religious Minorities in the Time of a PandemictoPsychology: Emotion Induction – there’s something for everyone!