The support and encouragement through The Scholars Programme has helped my daughter to find her passion and identify a career path.

We know that parental engagement is critical for university progression and want to involve parents and carers in our Scholars Programme journey as much as possible.

Frequent email communication

Regular communications are sent to parents throughout the programme, updating them on their Scholar’s progress and sending reminders of upcoming programme deadlines.

Newsletter for parents/carers

We release a monthly bulletin specifically for parents and carers to support their child in coming to a decision about the most suitable future pathway for them. Parents can sign up here 

Parent Panels

As part of our Launch Events, we host Parent Panels specifically for the parents of our Scholars. The panel is designed to introduce parents and carers to the programme and gives them the opportunity to learn more about what their young people will be doing, as well as highlighting options for future pathways. 

These events take place online and are run in partnership with universities from across the UK. 

Each event will include: 

  • An information session on The Scholars Programme
  • A Q&A panel with some of our university partners, where they will discuss how The Scholars Programme can help your young person in their university applications, and the ways in which you can best support them in their academic career

We hope to see as many of your parents there as possible!

We loved that [our child] was treated as an adult and given really positive feedback and constructive criticism. He really enjoyed everything about it and also was very keen to do well. He even didn’t mind the extra time it took on top of his standard work. We were very proud he was chosen and have enjoyed seeing him grow through this amazing opportunity.