Useful resources for Lead Teachers on The Scholars Programme can be accessed here.

Staff Briefing

We’ve prepared a briefing email, which can be sent to all school staff or heads of department to inform them about your school’s participation on The Scholars Programme.


A Lead Teacher FAQs document can be found here.

CPD Webinar series

New for 2022-23, we’ve launched a termly CPD webinar series for our teachers, focusing on a range of topics that are trending in the educational landscape. Webinars are hosted by renowned Institute of Education lecturer Dr Lauren Bellaera. Here’s one of our great webinars from last year: ‘Teaching Critical Thinking – Practical Tips for Teachers’.

Newsletter sign-up

Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of upcoming dates of webinars and other Brilliant Club news. 

Scholars HQ

Scholars HQ is an online tool which gives Lead Teachers more autonomy when managing their Scholars Programme placement including enrolling pupils and viewing pupils’ pre/post-assessments.

When your placement has been set up, you will be given access to Scholars HQ, which can be reached here

During the placement

Useful resources for parents and carers, tutors and pupils who are enrolled on a placement can be accessed via this page.