We are an approved National Tutoring Programme provider working with schools across the UK to support pupils’ learning through our Brilliant Tutoring Programme. Our programme offers tutoring in core curriculum subjects led by a subject expert tutor.

About The Brilliant Tutoring Programme

The Brilliant Tutoring programme supports the national post-Covid tutoring effort so that pupils can access a future they deserve. Our programme re-engages and rebuilds secondary school pupils’ confidence in core subjects by working with our subject expert tutors. 

Our courses are designed in collaboration with curriculum experts and our tutors are rigorously assessed and undergo extensive training. As subject experts, they support pupils to catch up and inspire them beyond the curriculum. 


How does the Brilliant Tutoring Programme work?

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme provides online and in-person tutoring to pupils in small groups (1:3) in core subjects. Our programme is designed to run virtually in schools and we have successfully adapted to running the programme to reach pupils at home. We are only able to deliver in person tutoring in limited geographic areas.

Every pupil receives 15 hours of tutoring over 8 weeks.

Pupil progress through the programme is measured in two ways:

  1. Attendance across 15 tutorials
  2. Knowledge checks to assess subject mastery

Funding and School Contribution

Placements will be arranged in groups of six pupils (taught in two groups of three). There are two ways that schools can access the Brilliant Tutoring Programme online for 2021-22:

  • Tuition Partner Hub: Schools sign up to the Hub. This allows you to book tuition and track the programme. There is a70% government subsidy for schools in England to contribute towards the cost of the programme. The remaining 30% of costs is invoiced directly to schools.
  • School-Led Tutoring: Schools sign up directly with The Brilliant Club and report directly back to the Department for Education. Schools are allocated a ring-fenced grant to cover a proportion of the cost of the programme. We recommend that schools read through the full government guidance here to understand how this funding pot will work in their school.
Online TutoringTuition Partner HubSchool-Led
Total cost per placement

(six pupils, 15 hours of tutoring)

Total cost per pupil

(15 hours of tutoring)

Funding Contribution£1,260£1,215*
School Contribution£540£585

*This is an estimated amount based on the Department for Education’s calculated average cost of tutoring. Exact budgets will vary between schools. On the School-Led route, schools will be invoiced for the full cost of a placement (£1,800) but will receive the grant directly to partially cover these costs.

We are able to deliver in-person tutoring in limited geographic areas, via the Tuition Partners route.

In-person TutoringTuition Partner Hub
Total cost per placement

(six pupils, 15 hours of tutoring)

Total cost per pupil

(15 hours of tutoring)

Funding Contribution£1,890
School Contribution£810

On both routes, The Brilliant Club will provide a bespoke impact report to your school which details individual pupil progress and includes comprehensive written feedback from tutors. This can support with any reporting needed to the Department for Education through the School-Led funding route, or to the National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partners Hub.


School Contributions

For both funding routes, schools need to cover the unsubsidised costs. The Department for Education have recommended schools use the Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium to support this. Schools cannot use the School-Led Tutoring grant to cover the unsubsidised costs of the Tutoring Partner Hub route.

We are also able to deliver the programme to schools in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, though grants and subsidies are not currently available.

Find out more

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