Are you a PhD researcher or doctoral graduate who wants to help a young person realise their academic potential?

Programme Overview

Working as a Brilliant Club tutor offers PhD researchers and graduates a meaningful, paid, community engagement opportunity.

Applications for Scholars Programme and Join the Dots placements in the 2024/25 academic year are now open.

Why tutor with us?

    As a tutor you will:

    • Receive expert training to develop and hone your pedagogical skills
    • Communicate your research to a non-specialist audience
    • Gain sustained teaching experience
    • Join a nationwide community of over 1,000 like-minded researchers making a huge impact on university access
    • Receive competitive pay and benefits, earning from £605 per placement, plus an additional £161 for designing a new course, and travel expenses 
    • Boost your CV and receive support to communicate your skills in future job applications
    • Support and inspire young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access university

    Who can tutor with us?

    Anyone currently studying toward a PhD or Professional Doctorate and anyone who already has a Doctorate. You do not need to currently be working/studying at a university to become a Brilliant Club tutor.

    How does it work?

    Once you are trained and registered as a Scholars Programme tutor, we will ask for your availability in advance of each school term. This means you can fit work with us around your other commitments.

    For each term that you are available, The Scholars Programme Team will aim to place you to deliver a placement in school; this will consist of delivering 2 hours of teaching per week, teaching 7 school students at a time.

    The Scholars Programme – placement journey


    If you’re looking to support researcher development at your university, find out more about working with us here.