Welcome to The Scholar, The Brilliant Club’s academic journal of outstanding pupil work!

The Scholar is published termly and showcases some of the excellent work produced by pupils on The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways. All assignments nominated for publication are reviewed by an expert panel of PhD researchers and only the highest scoring are published.

We are delighted to celebrate our pupils’ work and achievements in the country’s only academic journal dedicated to publishing university-style assignments authored by school pupils. Publishing original work is an important part of academia and we are excited to introduce our pupils not only to the world of research but also to the next stages of peer review and publication in academic journals.

The Scholar 16

In this edition, you can enjoy articles on 'Promoting wellbeing in young lives: the importance of space, connection and voice', to 'The unseen enemy – diagnosing bacterial infections’ and ‘Social media, mental health and you’. Pupils from The Scholars Programme have produced some of the most interesting and articulate work ever in this edition of The Scholar. In her guest article, we hear from Scholars Programme pupil alumna, Ella Devereux, who is now studying at Kingston University. She speaks about the importance of reading and research.

The Scholar 15

In this edition, you can enjoy articles on how emotions influence our financial behaviours, creating your own dystopia and fighting inequality in education. Pupils from The Scholars Programme have produced some of the most insightful and articulate work ever in this edition of The Scholar. In his guest article, Lord Chris Smith, Master at Pembroke College Cambridge, speaks about his interesting insight into the transformative power of great teaching.

The Scholar 14

This edition features some of the most interesting and articulate work ever produced by pupils on The Scholars Programme and Uni Pathways, which demonstrates the power of learning to inspire. In his guest article, Sir Jonathan Phillips, Warden at Keble College Oxford, speaks about his interesting insight into passion and precision, making decisions based of evidence rather than emotion.

The Scholar 12-13

The Scholar 12 + 13 is a bumper edition and contains 30 outstanding articles covering arts & humanities and science topics authored by pupils from schools across the UK.
Subjects covered in this edition range from printing 3D body parts and climate change to fantastical figures in medieval French literature!

The Scholar 11

Subjects covered in this edition range from Malaria outbreaks to post-war politics and climate change to understanding how many engineers it takes to make an ice cream! In his guest article, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, Professor Tom Ward, emphasises the importance of having influential people around you to support your passions and encourage inquisitive learning.

The Scholar 10

Subjects covered in this edition range from the treatment of childhood cancers to quantum computing and the ethics of solitary confinement. Professor Jo Fox, Professor of Modern History at the Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London, also emphasises the importance of passion and pursuing your goals and gives many examples of people who have done just that and changed the world as a result!

The Scholar 9

The Scholar 9 contains 20 of the best assignments produced by pupils on The Scholars Programme in the autumn term, 2017/18. We are delighted that this edition features more work produced by Key Stage 2 pupils in years 5 and 6 than any other edition!

In this issue, pupils explore topics ranging from the causes of chronic pain to the representation of nature in literature.

The Scholar 7-8

In this edition, pupils explored topics ranging from climate change and anti-biotic resistance to restorative justice and philosophical approaches to euthanasia.

Also featured is an inspiring guest article by Professor Tim Leunig, Associate Professor of Economic History at LSE and former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department for Education.

The Scholar 6

In this edition, we launched a new partnership with Nature Research, a world-leading science publication, and shared some of their Research Highlights with our readers. Pupils from across the UK contributed research on fascinating subjects from zooarchaeology and epidemiology, to the ethics of euthanasia and the cultivation of well being in adolescents.

The Scholar 5

You can read super essays from both of these engineering programmes in this term’s edition of The Scholar, along with some other fascinating topics, from D. Willing, who analyses the popular fairytale Bluebeard, to L. Booth, who designed and conducted their own investigation into differences in returning heart rate after aerobic exercise.

The Scholar 4

In this edition, you can get stuck into a range of issues, from essays about Virginia Woolf and her take on human character, from J. Rowland-Chandler to problem sheets discussing whether the stars would float in the bath, from B. Cackett.

The Scholar 3

As well as contributions from our scholars, we are also delighted to welcome Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach at the University of Oxford as the guest editor for this edition. We are very grateful for her support.

The Scholar 2

We are very excited to be able to showcase these 16 fantastic final assignments from the pupils taking part in The Scholars Programme.

This term, you will read about Ebola in articles by A.Thapa and J.Jadeja; be transported to the top of Mount Etna in R.Hansla’s fascinating discussion of volcanology; and hear J. Kolgjini’s insightful take on Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth.

The Scholar 1

We are delighted to announce the publication of the first ever edition of The Brilliant Club’s own academic journal of pupil work, The Scholar.

It features a selection of the best final assignments submitted by pupils who have taken part in The Scholars Programme, as well as all the latest news from The Brilliant Club and guest articles written by our PhD tutors and partner organisations.