Parent Power creates parent and carer communities across the UK, each one supported by an anchor university.

Through advice and guidance on accessing higher education, and developing skills in community organising, Parent Power empowers parents and carers to make change in their children’s future.

The Parent Power model, originally created by King’s College London and Citizens UK, brings together local parents and carers and facilitates one-to-one and group meetings led by a local Community Organiser.

Since its formation in 2017 by King’s and Citizens UK, South London and Oldham Parent Power chapters have collectively engaged over 350 parents/carers. You can see the impact of Oldham Parent Power here.

The parents themselves decide what activities will benefit their communities and children; Parent Power chapters across the UK have arranged tailored university trips, received training on student finances and secured bursary places at summer schools. 

You can hear how Cardiff Parent Power has empowered parents in the community to make change for their young person’s higher education journey, and beyond, here. 

“I feel like imposter syndrome has been zapped today, as a resident of Cardiff who's never been brave enough to step foot in the university. It was great to speak to current and former students and their experiences and ask them questions.”

Impact of Parent Power

The Brilliant Club has established seven Parent Power chapters: Fenland, Cardiff, Knowsley, East Oxford, East London, Mansfield and Peterborough – all supported by local partners. We have also taken on oversight of Oldham Parent Power. 

Across these chapters we currently work with 30 schools, 12 partners and over 200 parents, who are focussed on making a difference not only in their children’s life but in their communities. Check out what our some of Parent Power chapters have been up to recently: 

Cardiff: Parents have been working with Cardiff University to improve transparency of contextual offers in their prospectuses, and recently won a bespoke trip to Jesus College, University of Oxford, with travel included, in Feb 2023. 

Knowsley: Knowsley Parent Power enjoyed a bespoke trip to Edge Hill University in July 2022 and have met with Knowsley Council to discuss post-16 provision in the area. 

Fenland: Fenland parents have written to and met with decision makers to discuss the the issue of poor local public transport, which hinders their children from accessing developmental opportunities.  In early 2023, Fenland parents visited Anglia Ruskin University to learn about what’s on offer. 

Oldham: Parents are developing a campaign around mental health provision and visited Trinity College, University of Cambridge in July 2022. 

East London, East Oxford and Mansfield Parent Power chapters launched in late 2022 and are working towards establishing their parent / carer-led campaigns, and our Peterborough chapter launches in February 2023! 


Parent Power Chapters

Cardiff Parent Power

East London Parent Power

East Oxford parents and carers and community organiser in a line with a projector behind them.

East Oxford Parent Power

Parents and carers and children in Fenland sat in a university lecture facing front.

Fenland Parent Power

Parents and carers and children in Knowsley sat in a university lecture theatre.

Knowsley Parent Power

Parents and carers in Mansfield sat in a classroom facing a projector screen.

Mansfield Parent Power

Parents and carers, children and community organisers from Oldham Parent Power on steps outside of a university.

Oldham Parent Power