We support researchers with development opportunities including public engagement, curriculum design, teaching and widening participation.

Researchers working as Brilliant Club tutors support over 16,000 students every year across our programmes. We partner with 48 universities and DTPs, working with over 400 PGR and ECRs each year.

PGR Professional Development

What’s in it for PGR/ECRs?

  • A chance to develop leadership skills for inter-sector mobility  
  • Invaluable teaching and research communication experience  
  • Access to valuable third-sector training  
  • Fair pay and professional experience 

94% of our tutors agree or strongly agree with the statement: “I feel confident I could use my experience as a Scholars Programme tutor in future job applications to evidence my skills”.

91% of our tutors agree or strongly agree with the statement “I feel more confident in being able to explain research to non-specialist audiences.

100% of returning tutors agree or strongly agree that they feel better prepared to teach undergraduates.

The public speaking and pedagogical skills I developed through the Programme will benefit my academic career and the personal confidence I gained will be beneficial when applying myself to new challenges in the future.

Work with us

  • You can share the opportunities we offer with your PGRs: if you’d like your researchers to have the opportunity to work with us, please do get in touch with us.
  • You might like to book one of our Professional Development sessions for researchers.

Become a partner

There are many benefits to becoming a Researcher Development Partner. These include:

University Civic Engagement

  • Researchers working with us contribute meaningfully to the local community
  • They share cutting edge research outside of their institution, developing the next generation’s critical thinking skills and preparing them for their next steps
  • The Brilliant Club report on local school engagement and student progress

Supporting future PGR Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Our tutor community is more diverse than the wider PGR population, and excellently placed to act as role models to the next generation of researchers
  • Researchers are supported to decolonise their created curricula
  • The Brilliant Club report on institution specific PGR demographics, for those researchers involved in the programme, as well as demographics of students worked with

Detailed Evaluation and Impact Data

  • We share detailed reports on the progress of your researchers
  • We can also tag all of our university partners on HEAT to support your own access tracking

If you’d like to discuss partnering with us to support your PGR and ECRs, please email us via the button below.


Our Researcher Development partners