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Early Interventions

06 Jul 2021

What is an Early Intervention?

Early intervention requires identifying and providing effective early support to young people who are at risk of poor outcomes. It works with the aim of reducing these risks and strengthening the protective factors in a child’s life to increase their wellbeing, health, and life chances.

Research into the academic trajectories of young pupils demonstrate the crucial impacts that early interventions can have since:

Interventions can therefore manifest into a variety of different practices and methods but are always focused on addressing the risk immediately proposed to the child to improve their later life.

These interventions can be:

What makes a successful early intervention?

The Early Intervention Foundation outlines nine critical factors to consider for a successful intervention:

What are school-based early interventions?

The early years of a person’s life is identified as the critical period of development. It is the period when a child begins to form bonds, develop language and social skills, becomes more independent and establishes behavioural patterns. Since most of a child’s life is spent in school, the institution can be best placed to identify any atypical development in a pupil and intervene to help cultivate the skills and competencies that set the pupil up for life.

School-based early interventions can therefore manifest as any practice which seeks to increase the protective factors in a child’s life, including:

How is The Brilliant Club involved with supporting early interventions?

While increasing research and evidence highlights the merits of early academic intervention,  85% of outreach programmes that support pupils from under-represented backgrounds target pupils aged 16-18. The Brilliant Club recognises the significance of early academic interventions. For younger pupils across the UK, our two programmes support pupils’ academic development:

Brilliant Tutoring Programme:

The Scholars Programme:

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