Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club wins a Guardian Charity Award!

02 Nov 2016

The Brilliant Club was delighted to be named the winner of a Charity Award from The Guardian!

We were excited and proud to be named as award winners for The Guardian Charity Awards 2015.  Over the last five years The Brilliant Club has gone from a two-person start-up to one of the largest providers of university access programmes in the country. The prizes from The Guardian Charity Award will help us grow our work with schools and universities in the North-West of England, where The Guardian was founded.

David Brindle, Public Services Editor at The Guardian said, “It is really great to be able to name The Brilliant Club as a Guardian Charity Award winner alongside our other four finalists. The awards are designed to showcase excellence in small and medium-sized charities, and encourage them to grow their work and accelerate the impact they can have. We hope that this award helps The Brilliant Club do just that, and enables them to work with more pupils across the country.”

Jonathan Sobczyk, CEO and Co-founder at The Brilliant Club said, “It is so exciting for the charity to win a Charity Award from The Guardian. We are all incredibly proud and very grateful to our team, all of our PhD tutors, our funders, schools and most importantly our pupils for supporting us over the last few years to expand our operations and increase our impact.”